We've captured an inspired performance, now it's time to put it all together.

At Perfect Record, we’re experts at all aspects of post production for music, specializing in classical, vocal and choral music. Post Production is when art meets technology. I use the worlds best tools to make the most of your record. We can make your record an artistically polished product, ready for submission to any record label in the world.


Classical CD's average around 400 edits, that's why we need an efficient system that works with us to fulfill our creative desires. All editing is done on the Merging Pyramix system. Systems such as Pro Tools are much too limiting when making tricky musical edits. Whether your CD requires a few or hundreds of edits, rest assured that every edit will be undetectable and the musical flow will be impeccable.


Great mixing is an art. Not just the balance between instruments, but capturing the perfect ambiance for the performance. The creative controls at our fingertips allow us to subtly pull out details from the performance that might otherwise be lost. Our great monitoring speakers by Bowers & Wilkins of England are the standard of the classical music and mastering world, and allow us to hear your music in perfect detail.

Experts at mixing Classical, Jazz and R&B/Neo Soul. Mixing available on both Pro Tools and Pyramix systems.


Whether for CD, SACD or online delivery, mastering is where individual songs or movements come together to make a cohesive whole. Our attention to detail and world class tools have made hundreds of perfect masters for CD release. We provide superb quality mastering for our own productions, as well as for clients worldwide.

Mastering services include:
  • Fine tuning of tonal balance
  • Adjusting dynamic balance between tracks and across the entire record
  • Click, pop and noise repair
  • Audio restoration of historic recordings
  • CD text encoding
  • CD master quality evaluation- both technical and aesthetic
  • Full reporting for CD manufacturing plants
  • Evaluation of finished manufactured CD's upon request

Please contact us so that we can produce great sounding mixes and masters for your next project!